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Unexpected Places a Beanbag Is Welcome: Corporate Planning Days

Bean Bag Hire Sydney - Corporate Planning Days

The ‘open office’ trend has in recent years had a massive spike in popularity.  Companies have discovered that if their staff are placed in bright, open spaces that foster communication and allow the privilege of down-time, the end result is happier people – which means more productive people.

Company planning days – or corporate retreats – where staff are taken out of the office to develop are events that can go one of two ways.  One outcome: they are awkward affairs in which co-workers who normally avoid speaking to each other are made to fall into each other’s arms. The other option, the better one, the day is relaxed, and a good break from the monotony of regular office life leads to the generation of ideas and fosters goodwill towards the company.


One might think the humble bean bag is an unlikely candidate to improve a company out-of-office day.  Not so – the strengths of the bean-bag are firstly, its comfort.  To relax, first and foremost, employees need to be comfortable.  If in groups trying to generate new ideas, a relaxed employee will more likely think outside the box.

The second advantage is the versatility of the bean bag – grouping people in bean bag clusters instead of around tables and chairs allows a less formal setting and makes moving around easier – perfect for flexible generation of new ideas.

We hire out bean bags to companies big and small – contact us for information on how we can make your company planning day a success.


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