Hire bean bags for your next Movie Night

You’ve settled in with your jumbo bucket of popcorn and more than a handful of melting chocolate bars. Your favourite movie is about to start playing on a huge screen in surround sound, all of your friends are set to share it with you, and, after a long and tiring week at work, you’re excited to kick up your feet, get comfortable, and not move for the next couple of hours. Sounds good, right? You must be sitting somewhere super comfy and relaxing – a beanbag, perhaps?

Watching a movie outside under the light of the stars and in the cool night air is a special kind of experience. It’s nostalgic. It brings back memories, for most of us, of staying up past our bed times or being out until late on a school night. Once upon a time, you probably went to an outdoor cinema event with your whole family and quoted lines from ‘Shrek’ for six months afterwards. The movie magic remains, but there have been a few pretty cool changes. Do you remember sitting on the wet grass and getting up to find a huge, muddy wet patch on the back of your new pants? Or scratching angry red patches of newly visible springtime allergy? Or accidentally planting yourself in a three-week-old dog poop someone had forgotten to pick up? Gee, this outside movie thing is losing its shine, isn’t it? Never fear! The twenty-first century has arrived ready to party, and its brought with it a whole new and poop-less sitting experience!

In white, black, orange, red, pink, green, blue, silver, yellow, purple, or an enthusiastic mixmatch of all ten, our stylish beanbags are just what you need to infuse some colour into your movie night mayhem. Lounge about, take a well-deserved rest, or switch from one seat to another in the coolest, comfiest version of musical chairs. So what if you get a little too excited and spill your soft drink into your lap when (spoiler alert!) the superhero defeats the villain, or the knight rescues the princess? Spilt drinks are a valuable part of the movie night experience, and our easy to clean, extra durable beanbags are made to withstand any sugary beverage. A quick wipe of the vinyl and BAM! You’re back to feeling clean, dry, and filled with anticipation!

Maybe you’re a little restless. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve had the time to sit down and watch a film from start to finish. Problem solved! Our bags are incredibly versatile. Tuck the end under the middle seat component for a chair position that will allow you to focus on all the thrilling plot twists; or unfold your bean bag and turn it into a long lounge you can lay down, spread out, and maybe catch some well-timed z’s on!

However you decide to use them, our outdoor beanbags put the magic back into movie nights. Tell your friends what awesome seats you’ve organised and who knows – maybe they’ll shout the popcorn!