Who Are We?

As the leg fatigue epidemic spread – or limped – across greater Sydney, Mr Bean bag realised he could not continue alone.  There was simply too great a call for him and his bags of beans.  Where a party ended, so another one was beginning.  Superhero though he is, with the closure of most public phone booths, there is also a lack of places to go get changed – much to the embarrassment of caped crusaders everywhere.

As a solution, Mr Bean Bag appointed us, his loyal servants, to take care of the day to day logistics of ensuring bean bags are sent where they are most needed.   Our team is located in Marrickville, New South Wales and services greater Sydney’s function furniture hire needs.

We take service to you seriously, so to ensure availability of your chosen colours and particularly for larger hire quantities we suggest booking as early as possible before your event.  We understand that parties sometimes just happen though, and are happy to accommodate you whenever possible up to a day before your event.

Why Choose Bean Bags?

Statistically speaking, it is almost impossible to be unhappy in a bean bag.  Yes, we know it is a big call, but consider:

Compared to other event furniture hire.

Factor one – practicality.  With their versatile design and light-weight build, bean bags have it in the bag, so to speak!  Our bean bags can be squished together into a tight space, therefore saving room when they are transported to your location.

You can pick the bean bags up yourself if you like and save on delivery, or have a smaller function. Alternatively, we are more than happy to deliver them to you if you’re pressed for time – anywhere within three hours of Sydney CBD.

When you do get the bean bags to your location, setting up takes no time – our bags can be positioned upright or lying down, and being lightweight, organised into rows or into groups around tables as you and your guests like.  So already, you’ve saved on delivery hassles and event set-up time.  That is two big pluses.

It should go without saying – but we will say it anyway – our bean bags are super comfortable and can be positioned into relaxed (seated) or ultra-relaxed (reclining) modes.  Treat your guests, employees or family to a relaxing event, function, BBQ or general shindig as you enjoy the hassle-free, bean bag hire experience.

So, we have two points – one for practicality, one for comfort.  Going in for the trifecta – style!

Coming in a range of ten stylish, bright colours for you to pick one or mix-and match according to your events’ theme and your own style, we have solutions to suit every space and every level of formality.   Made of hardy, durable vinyl, our bean bags are the perfect solution outdoors as well as looking great inside. Our bean bags add a quirky touch of fun and look great too.

What is more, their contemporary, sleek design means the bean bags can be positioned either in seated or unfolded into a sun-lounge – making them the most versatile furniture hire solution available on the market today.

More About What We Offer

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