Hire bean bags for your next Expo

Crowds of people gather. Voices overlap. Excitement buzzes around the room, flitting between folks from all walks of life, all here for one thing…

When a large congregation meets in one place it can be hard to find a point of consistency between everyone. So-and-so likes pink, and what’s-his-name prefers blue. Jane and Kelly aren’t speaking, and Andrew’s about to pop out for food. But what, during a big and exciting event, does everyone have in common? That’s right: a love of comfort.

Expos are overwhelming in all the right ways. There are so many options, so many exciting things to see, learn about, and choose from! It’s a lot to take in; guests might need just a few minutes to sit back, relax and process the thrill of the day. That’s where we come in. Our bean bags are super comfy and the perfect way to invite guests to take a seat and think about what they might like to do, see, or buy next. Available in white, black, orange, red, pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver, or a mix-match of all ten, our bags will liven up any room, adding some fun bursts of colour and mirroring the enthusiasm of attendees. Whether guests prefer to sit up straight and take everything in or lie back and have a quick snooze, our bags are easily adaptable. Just tuck the end under the middle seat component for an upright chair or stretch out the bag if lounging is more your thing. Sipping on drinks and munching on snacks, whether your Expo attendees are eating to get involved or simply to keep themselves going, our bags are a great spot for them to exit the hustle and bustle for a refreshing and replenishing break. Made from durable vinyl, our bags are low-fuss and more than able to cope with occasional spill. Just give them a quick wipe and they’ll be good as new, ready for the next Expo lover!

Filled with lightweight Styrofoam spheres, our bean bags are super lightweight and easy to move around if the event calls for a re-scattering of seating. The crowds of enthusiastic attendees will thank you for the opportunity to rest their feet before hopping up to check out more incredible deals.

Hop on a plane! Try another bite! That dress looks fantastic and that van is perfect for your lifestyle! Whatever kind of Expo you’re hosting will be a dream if guests can plunge into the soft and inviting grips of our bags. People are happiest when they’re relaxed and comfortable. Our bags have got both truly ‘in the bag’, so do your event a favour and squish into one of our brilliant bean bags!