Hire bean bags for your next Gaming Tournaments

When the mind is hard at work, the body needs its rest! Gaming takes a lot of practice, a lot of skill, and a lot of mental stamina. Between calculating risk, managing controls, following story, and more, gamers have to be quick-witted and sharp if they plan on getting anywhere. Such mental agility can be exhausting so it’s important that gamers are comfortable enough to keep their focus.

Available in ten incredible colours, like a game of Tetris, our bean bags are perfect for any gamer, and a brilliant match for any good gaming tournament. From cool and collected blue, to fiery red, and everything in between, we have something to suit every gaming champion, whether they’re a hardcore Pacman fan, or an expert at Assassin’s Creed.

With hands gripping controllers and barely any time to pause, lest victory be lost, gaming tournaments are prime ground for the occasional spill of energy-boosting drinks. That’s why our easy to clean vinyl bean bags are ideal for the thrill of competition. In just one quick wipe, our bags are totally clean and ready to serve as a vessel for the next great adventure! Gaming values one thing above almost all others: versatility. Gamers have to be able to think on their feet and perform a wide variety of tasks. They have to be talented in multiple areas and constantly ready to use their skill to overcome scary opponents. Luckily, our bean bags are versatile too! For the upright and attentive gamer, the end can be tucked under the middle seat component, setting the bag into a comfy but straight-backed chair position. For gamers who prefer a slightly more relaxed pose, our bags can be stretched out into lounges where the occupant can spread out, get comfortable, and focus on the mission at hand. Easy to move, our lightweight bags can be shifted from space to space with no hassle, sliding into place among the World of Warcraft group, or back towards the Call of Duty gang. When the enthusiasm of the event has worn out the attendees they can settle down and rest, recuperate, and fuel themselves for a fresh attempt. The excellent comfort of our bags will make sure that gamers can keep their eye on the prize without worrying about aches andpains , because if there’s anything you absolutely need in order to complete an impossible mission it’s somewhere soft and squishy to do it!

All things welcoming and all things bright, our bean bags are ready to play! Are you?