Bean bag hire for Weddings

You’re walking down the aisle just like you’ve always dreamed of. You’re wearing a beautiful white dress and a stunning veil. Your new husband is waiting at the altar, and your loved ones watch on with tears in their eyes, leaning back into… their outdoor beanbags! That’s right, you heard me. The bean bag scene is changing. They’re in cinemas, they’re in kid’s parties, and now they’re front and centre at your wedding! Let me tell you why they’re such a good idea:

1. Bean bags are super comfortable.

Comfort is important at every event, but weddings are at the top of the list. As guests young and old – even ancient Grandma Ruth – blow their noses into fancy handkerchiefs and catch up on years worth of missed conversations you, who have brought this family together for the day, want to know one thing: that everyone is as comfy as possible. Your special day will only become more magical if your guests feel as though they’re sitting on soft, elegant clouds.

2. Our bean bags are enduring!

Weddings are exciting and unpredictable. Between all of those happy tears over the exchanging of vows, there’s bound to be the occasional spill of celebratory champagne onto the chairs. This could be catastrophic on white cloth, but the vinyl our bags are made from makes them super easy to clean and hardy enough to handlethe occasional splash, not to mention a few raindrops if wedding day weather takes an unexpected turn.

3. Bean bags are totally fun!

Haven’t you always wanted to be that cute and quirky couple who dance down the aisle to something funky and host a wedding celebration that people will remember? With awesome bean bag seats, everybody is bound to be talking about your wedding long after it’s been and gone. “Susan and Mike had comfy bean bags at their wedding, you know. They’re so cool and quirky!”

4. Themes, themes, themes!

Our beanbags come in ten different colours, so there’s something to suit everyone. You could opt for a classy and minimalist white, or you could hire a whole rainbow for an extra colourful event! The choices are endless. The bean bag is your oyster.

5. Posture is possible.

Gone are the days where sitting in a bean bag meant a struggle to get back up (although you might prefer to stay seated when you’re just that comfortable!) Our bean bags are adaptable, just like weddings and guests are. By tucking the end of the bag under the middle seat component you can keep it in an upright position, just like a chair, so that guests can sit up straight and pay plenty of attention to the new bride and groom. If, however, you have an attendee who might need a little more space to stretch out our bean bags can be quickly adjusted into a lounge position. So take the stress out of wedding seating. Hire our practical bean bags, try on the dress of your dream and marry the love of your life.