Hire bean bags for your next University Event

Socialising is a huge and important part of the university experience. Sure, studying matters, but it matters just as much that new adults have the opportunity to meet other like-minded people, build lasting friendships, and learn about who they are in this world. That’s why university socials are such an integral part of a student’s life, and that’s why social events should offer comfortable seats where students can chat about anything, from episodes of their favourite TV shows to the state of global politics.

Our outdoor bean bags are perfect for the uni scene. Coming in a wide range of colours, they’ll add a whole lot of oomph to campus, attracting the eye and the newbie passer-by! Made from hardwearing vinyl, our bags are ideal for the unpredictability of big crowds. Whether it’s the other half of a clumsily held milkshake or a few drops of rain that wasn’t on the weather forecast, our bags are super easy to clean, back to service with just a quick wipe. Easily tucking into an upright chair position or folding down and stretching out to a relaxing and comfortable lounge, the versatility of our bean bags is a great match for the variability of uni students. Whether they’re a spot to sit back and think about a wordy and complicated essay, somewhere to take a nap between classes, or audience seating for something spectacular, our bags have got it covered. Lightweight and easy to move, they’re ideal for close grouping and shifting about, enabling new students to get in close to each other and start to make some real connections.

Beans bags, on the whole, are well and truly making a comeback! Soft, squishy and oh-soinviting, there’s nothing like a bean bag to remind students of the good old days and get them chittering away about awesome fashion trends and social justice efforts just like their parents did back in the 70s.

Adaptable, welcoming and bursting with versatility, a whole bunch of bean bags is a great
way to set the tone of university life to newcomers, taking out the stress and replacing it with comfy familiarity. No matter how many jobs students are hustling and bustling between, the appeal of a squishy bean bag will be a brilliant reminder that it’s okay to kick back too, every now and then. So teach, learn and get involved with uni life! Encourage students to make themselves at home and get to know the campus a little better! Draw tired and nervous crowds to your incredible event by the allure of funky coloured bean bags! Help your students to get comfortable with you, with the campus, with each other, and with themselves as they sink into the coolest casual seating there is!