Wide Range Of Colours:

Our stylish, durable bean bags are available in ten stylish, vivid colours:

While organising the furniture for your next event, the sky is the limit with colour combinations. You can select just one colour or a combination of colours available.  For example, white bags are great for weddings, and our black bean bags are always in demand for their chic versatility.

If, however, you are going for a particular theme or colour scheme you can mix and match two or more colours.  For grand final parties, choose your team’s colours for a great themed look.  Or just get a random selection of shades for a festive rainbow of comfort – it is up to you.



Our bean bags are made of durable, easy-to-clean vinyl in the above range of colours.  This material makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use without too much risk of damage.

Designed and built for extra longevity, our bean bags are a favourite with children.  Good not only for seating, they are hours of climbing and tumbling fun.  They were manufactured with suga