Wide Range Of Colours:

Our stylish, durable bean bags are available in ten stylish, vivid colours:

While organising the furniture for your next event, the sky is the limit with colour combinations. You can select just one colour or a combination of colours available.  For example, white bags are great for weddings, and our black bean bags are always in demand for their chic versatility.

If, however, you are going for a particular theme or colour scheme you can mix and match two or more colours.  For grand final parties, choose your team’s colours for a great themed look.  Or just get a random selection of shades for a festive rainbow of comfort – it is up to you.



Our bean bags are made of durable, easy-to-clean vinyl in the above range of colours.  This material makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use without too much risk of damage.

Designed and built for extra longevity, our bean bags are a favourite with children.  Good not only for seating, they are hours of climbing and tumbling fun.  They were manufactured with sugar-hyped kids in mind, and are therefore ideal for children’s parties.  Spills are not a problem, the vinyl wipes off easily.  If the weather changes in the middle of an outdoor event, simply grab the bags, head for cover, dry them off and continue festivities without a hitch.

Each bag has a 200 litre bean capacity and are filled with light-weight Styrofoam spheres. The light-weight nature of this material makes the bean bags super easy to transport, and still large enough for a single adult to sit comfortably on.



One of our bean bags styles can be positioned either of two ways – with their contemporary design, our bags are not the same shapeless sacks that people remember from their hey-day in seventies dorm rooms!  Versatile and stylish, the bean bag has had a makeover.

In design these bags of beans are more like portable couches, the first option is to tuck the end under the middle seat component and use the bean bag in chair position; good for weddings, corporate and more formal events where comfort and attention are both required.

When extreme relaxation is called for, the bags can be unfolded into a long-lounge position.  This makes it closer to the ground.  In lounge position, the bag is long enough for an adult to stretch out comfortably. This position is great for the tail end of the party when your guests want to lie down and get some sun, or for movie nights – outdoor movies have never been better than when lying under a blanket with popcorn under a large screen and the night sky.

Our bean bags are the perfect combination of durability, stylish design, comfort and versatility.  By hiring with us, you will ensure your guests have an experience in style and comfort they will be talking about long afterwards!