Hire bean bags for your next sporting event

He shoots, he scores! Sporting events are a whole lot of fun, but they can also be tiring, not only for the superstar players but for passionate spectators too. Whether the event is a national grand final or an under 12’s match, every sporting event has two things in common: hardworking athletes and enthusiastic supporters. That’s why outdoor bean bags are a great seating option – a well-deserved rest for the star performer, and maybe for their number one fan as well! Our outdoor bean bags come in ten fun colours, from the subtle whites and blacks of a soccer ball to a basketball’s bright orange, you can mix and match an eclectic rainbow, or show some pride with the colours of the playing teams. Made from easy to clean, water resistant vinyl, our bags are hardwearing and able to cope with all of the excitement and unpredictability that a sports day could bring, from over-filled drinks that spill over during an emphatic cheer to the drops of rain that weren’t on the forecast. Additionally, our bags are super lightweight which makes them easy to move undercover where spectators can watch the game from a dry patch. Don’t want to miss a thing? Our versatile bags can adapt to suit your needs. Just tuck the end under the middle seat component for a straight back that will help you to keep you attentive enough to spot every move on the field. Feeling a little exhausted from all this exercise? Our bags can be stretched out into a lounge position so you geto t kick back and get comfy for nice rest or maybe even a quick nap. He’s racing up the pitch, she tries to block him but he dodges and, and… success! Whoo! Athletes sure work hard, which is why comfort is all the more important. After pushing their muscles to the extreme players will be glad to be invited to take a nice, comfortable seat in a soft bean bag where they can rub their aching feet, fill back up on water and snacks, and give themselves a firm pat on the back for a great game. What better way to prepare themselves for another awesome game next week?
No matter what sport you play, who you play for, or who against, whether you’re a premier champion or a total rookie, all sports players should have a soft spot to wind down in after their hard work is done, somewhere they can wipe the sweat and revel in their achievements. That somewhere could be one of our outdoor bean bags, for athletes who have earned the right to relax and spectators who have been right there with them!