Hire bean bags for your next Birthday Party

Birthday time, lets celebrate

Blow out your candles and make a wish! We’re going to party like it’s your birthday! Birthday parties come in all shapes in sizes. From princesses to pirates, from fancy buffets to jam-packed movies, every party needs one thing: happy, comfortable guests. Whether you’re turning four or one hundred and four, birthdays are an exciting time of year.

All of your favorite people from different areas of your life come together for one awesome purpose: to celebrate you! Between extra helpings of chocolate cake and beautifully wrapped presents, a day that ends with all of your loved ones singing and cheering in your honor is a pretty good one in anybody’s book. You want to give something back to your friends for being with you, for helping you to have such a wonderful day, and what greater gift that the gift of an incredible time?

Add comfy bean bags to theme your party

Our bean bags scream birthday party. Available in ten fabulous colours, there’s something to fit every vibe. You might choose blue for an under the sea theme, or black for a ‘goes with everything’ look. Or maybe you’ll mix it up! Nothing says “it’s my birthday and I’m having a brilliant time” quite like a rainbow selection.

Forget about seating worries and enjoy your day. Our bean bags are incredibly hardy. They are designed to withstand whatever the buzz of celebration brings, whether that’s unexpected rain or an accidental overestimation of just how much whipped cream and plastic plate can take. Made from easy to clean vinyl, just give your bean bag a quick wipe and it’ll be as good as new, and ready for you to dig into the ice cream!

At the end of the day when partygoers begin to get tired, our bean bags will be perfect for them to fall into, kick off their dancing shoes, and settle down to watch a movie or nibble on a few more snacks. If the limbo has you aching you’ll be thrilled to stretch the bag out into its lounge position and watch your friends pin the tail on the donkey in both comfort and style.

There is just something about a bean bag that’s inherently inviting. Ideal for sharing secrets, unwrapping pressies or receiving best wishes for the exciting year ahead, be the perfect host or hostess by sending your friends home with their bellies full and bodies rested. Tuck the end of your bag under the middle seat to sit up straight, and make your bean bag your throne for a day of birthday royalty.

Get excited about being another year older, another year wiser, and another year more comfortable in the welcoming folds of a variety of outdoor beanbags!