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The Importance of Comfort in Event Planning

Bean Bag Hire Sydney - Event Planning

When planning an event, whatever the event, there are so many factors to keep in mind.  Location, obviously, is important – can not have a party without a place. With that comes the logistics of organising the whole event which includes catering, as drinks need to be provided and people need to be fed. Activities have to be organised and invitations have to be sent out. The list goes on and on.

Stop yourself right there and think back to events you have attended in the past. The first thing you will recall is whether or not you were comfortable. You might remember if there was inadequate seating or you were left standing around awkwardly (in high heels? Ouch!). Poor allocation of seating can also be bothersome especially when grouped awkwardly.


We propose an alternative way of thinking about event planning – the comfort-first approach. If things do not go smoothly, as often they do not, at least your guests will be comfortable. A guest with comfortable seating opportunity will be more forgiving than one left standing around.

Bean bags, as a result of this comfort-first approach, are experiencing a resurgence in popularity and are now a key player in event furniture hire.  Bean bags are easily repositionable, thus avoiding the poor placement dilemma.  They are about as comfortable a seat one can imagine at an event.   Made from rugged, durable vinyl, they fit into any location.

Take the comfort first approach in organizing your event, contact Mr Beanbag, and let the rest take care of itself! When you next search bean bag hire Sydney.. call us first.


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