bean bag hire Maitland

Maitland has a charming combination of history, gourmet food, delicious dining and vibrant markets. Located close to the banks of the Hunter river, vineyards and artisanal food
production will soon employ the majority of its residents.

Maitland is only a two-hour drive north of Sydney, which makes it a popular weekend destination. Unique food, wine and beer events are big drawcard for many weekenders.
Chilling out on the riverside levee is a great way to relax, before checking out its quality cafes, restaurants and bars.

A favourite annual event in Maitland for us that coincides with my best friend’s birthday is Picnic in the Vines, at Saddlers Creek Winery. It is a day of food, wine and music to celebrate the arrival of spring.

It’s a great idea to take a huge picnic blanket and chill out under the trees with friends and family. This year we are upgrading to beanbags, hired from the team at Outdoor Beanbag Hire. They are even delivering them to the winery for us, in the birthday girls favourite colour – purple. They have a selection of ten vibrant colours to choose from (if you can’t decide you can go for the rainbow effect).

After arriving at the winery, we just had to grab a beanbag each and pick out our picnic spot. They are pretty light weight and easy to carry and reminded me of a portable couch. If you want to stay alert and sitting up straight, you can change your bag into a chair by simply tucking the end under the middle seat component. I converted my bag into a chair while I was eating to avoid spilling food all over myself, then reverted to the lounge style when it was time to relax. This is so much more comfortable than a picnic blanket. Beanbags, where have you been all my life?!

It was reassuring to see how tough and durable these outdoor beanbags are. They can stand up kids jumping and climbing all over them, and will be fine in a shower of rain. As
we were sitting outside, there were a few grass stains and wine spills. Thankfully, the vinyl fabric wipes clean easily. Winning!

At the end of the event, after giving our bags a quick wipe, all we needed to do was leave our bags with reception to be picked up for us by Outdoor Beanbag Hire delivery service. Thanks for making our favourite event even better.

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